Property Records of Illinois is a real estate business based in East Moline, Illinois that's been working side-by-side with homeowners, homebuyers, and real estate professionals since the early 1990s. By seeing firsthand what clients need the Property Records of Illinois has created a premium property history report that anyone can read. The report will list information about a property that only pertains to that house for example when it was built, who the owners have been, the population of the neighborhood, the student-to-teacher ratio, and much more. The report gets created when the client decides to purchase the property history report so it can be up-to-date. When a client decides to order a report the Property Records of Illinois gets to work right away by researching the most information possible on the home by living out unnecessary junk.

Real estate brokers, agents, mortgage experts, and other professionals have been relying on the Property Records of Illinois due to the data provided that most professions can't get access to. This tactic helps the company rise above the competition.