How Aurora City Council is Tackling Homelessness with a “Tough Love” Strategy

How Aurora City Council is Tackling Homelessness with a "Tough Love" Strategy

The Aurora City Council recently passed a set of measures aimed at addressing homelessness in the city. This approach, described as “tough love,” seeks to reduce the number of people living on the streets. Currently, around 300 individuals are experiencing homelessness in Aurora.

Implementation of the Proposals

One of the key proposals involves enforcing stricter rules against camping in public spaces, particularly along the Interstate 225 corridor. Those found violating these new rules could receive a citation and be required to appear in court. If someone fails to show up for their court date, they could face arrest.

In addition to the enforcement of camping bans, another significant proposal was introduced. This initiative involves a collaborative program with the local court system named HEART, which stands for Housing, Employment, Addiction, Recovery, and Teamwork. This program targets homeless individuals who have committed minor offenses. Participants who complete the program and meet all the court’s requirements can have their charges dismissed.

Discouraging Street Homelessness: Mayor Coffman’s Tough Yet Supportive Approach

Mayor Mike Coffman explained that the combination of these two initiatives aims to discourage people from remaining homeless on the streets by making it difficult and uncomfortable, while simultaneously providing them with essential resources and support through the court system. This dual strategy aims to help individuals transition out of homelessness by connecting them with housing, employment opportunities, and addiction recovery services.


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