Elite Riverfront Plaza: A High-Potential Investment Opportunity in Joliet’s City Center

Joliet City Center's Elite Riverfront Plaza: Investment Gem - 1 (800) 880-7954

In the heart of Joliet’s bustling City Center, the Elite Riverfront Plaza, once a promising investment by an out-of-state company, is now poised for a new chapter. Despite a significant $5 million renovation, this 96,000-square-foot office building, boasting stunning views of the Des Plaines River, has struggled to attract tenants. But, with its prime location and extensive upgrades, it represents a unique opportunity in the Joliet real estate market.

The Auction: A New Beginning

Set for an online auction from Dec. 11-13, this property at 65 West Webster Street is starting at an accessible bid of $500,000. This four-story building, with its exceptional river views, is a notable feature in Joliet’s skyline. The upcoming auction, hosted by CBRE Capital Markets and Ten-X, offers investors a chance to own a piece of Joliet’s growing downtown.

A Misunderstood Location

Interestingly, the marketing for this property has been somewhat misguided. The listing incorrectly places the property at a strategic intersection in DuPage County, far from its actual location in Will County, Joliet. Moreover, claims of a 30-minute commute to Chicago’s airports from downtown Joliet are optimistic at best, reflecting a need for more accurate local insights in the property’s promotion.

Potential and Challenges

While the building’s location and renovation are impressive, its struggle to attract tenants and the misconceptions in its marketing underscore the challenges it faces. However, these challenges also present an opportunity for the right investor to capitalize on Joliet’s growth and the building’s potential.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

As the auction date approaches, savvy investors and commercial real estate enthusiasts are keeping a close eye on the Elite Riverfront Plaza. With its prime location, extensive renovations, and now a more competitive price point, this property could be a cornerstone in revitalizing downtown Joliet and a lucrative addition to any investment portfolio.


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